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Now a days, Social networking has become almost like an essential commodity for life. Social networking is on boom in the recent years and this boom doesn't look like  receding soon. 

Every person who considers oneself as modern and tech-savvy has to have a social network account.
Facebook, Twitter , My space , Bebo , Instagram the list id probably never ending.
True that these social networking sites have often proved to be a great advantage, however these too have their own dark sides. 
A very major problem because of these is " Addiction to social networking sites."
Students are the most often the victim of this. I myself have friends who are facebook addicts. Five hours, Six hours passes but they are still busy facebooking. 
Undoubtedly, Academics suffers the most. But it has many other equally important affects. These young social networking addicts very often aren't mature enough to judge right and wrong. So, sometimes willingly or unwillingly they become victims of cyber bullying. There have been many cases of such kind of bullying where the victims, mostly young had suffered great mental harm and sometimes even committed suicide.
It does sound a bit too hostile, but unfortunately it is true.
Also, after being in the virtual world for too long, the users sometimes may even loose their social skills in reality. 
Social butterflies may be popular virtually, but they themselves know how much their real social skills have suffered. 
These are the mental harms, social networking addiction also has its fair share of physical harms. Sitting for too long in front for led displays has highly harmful affects in our eyes. It may lead to dimness of vision, irritation and even retinal problems. Continuously  sitting in the same posture often leads to back pains and weakening of the spine. 
Social networking sites have many of their advantages, they offer a way to refresh and entertain. 
But getting addicted to them is definitely not  desirable.
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