She exudes the sophistication of India's culturally endowed and stylish urban people. She is a very special person in a setup where the class tag is a sin. She is the wife of Prakash Karat, India's most influential Communist today, general secretary of the Communist Party of India-Marxist.She is 57, has stunning eyes and a chiselled face which refuses to age.Brinda Karat could be introduced like this but should never be.That would be being terribly unfair to an intelligent lady who has tirelessly fought for India's poor. As a trade union leader belonging to the Left party she has fiercely crusaded for underprivileged workers and dalits for more than 30 years.After years of struggle and morchas on Parliament street, she was elected last month to the Communist Party of India-Marxist Politburo, the first woman to ever enter that male-dominated Marxist institution.Unavoidably she has been also fighting the stereotypes created by Indian society for revolutionaries like her. Since her equally talented sister Radhika Roy and brother-in-law Dr Prannoy Roy run NDTV (New Delhi Television), Brinda's Leftist orientation is intriguing for many.The mystery of being Brinda also get deeper because she studied at Dehradun's elite Welham Girl's School and Delhi's elite Miranda House college. These institutions are perceived as an antithesis to what Marx wrote and advocated.What made the former Miss Miranda House a rebel?Brinda Karat tries to answer that question while talking to Senior Editor Sheela Bhatt about events that shaped her life and dragged her to the Left from Right
In an interview U can discuss about:
The conditions of the underprivileged workers like:
1- Problems faced by them while working
2- Their health problems
3- Lack of money
4- Their status in the society
5- At last how they want to improve there conditions?? And what they demand from government???
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