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Answer: journey by night is a story of bravery of a little boy, sher singh about 12 years old, in absence of his father, sher singh bahadur. 
the little boy had a fear of his younger brother's death as he had lost many of his siblings due to cholera, influenza and such jungle accidents.
his mother had put boiling water on the little child's belly(kunwar)
but it had no effect on him. at last his mother said that he has to be taken to the hospital( for village people going to the hospital means losing all hopes).
which was 50 miles away from laldwani(where these people lived).
sher singh knew how to take his brother to the hospital as he has seen the road before. first of all he passed through the jungle where he saw a cobra, but the brave boy took his step backwards so that the cobra knows he won't harm him and the cobra went, he took a deep breath and went forward.
when he was unable to walk any further he decided to take rest for some time but he heard the elephants jostle and squeal. with his younger brother twitching, groaning and wringling with pain on his back he went to the first river which was to be crossed. he knew it was the time when the ice melts and so the river had more water than before. he however crossed it and had a sigh of relief that there was abridge on the second river though made of bamboos. every hour or so he had to rest, although he had mastered the knack of loading himself again. his body panted and sobbed, no matter what he himself wished it to do. 
but towards midnight he heard the roar of the second river flooding.
when he came to the shore he saw that a big head of ice have melted yesterday. the river was flooding it was difficult to take his ill brother and cross the river, the bridge was drowned only a part of it was to be seen.
sher singh gathered grass and plaited it into a rope, he tied the rope around his brother and himself so they would keep together. he was deaf-blinded-frozen-drowned-it went on hand on.
presently the river seem to lose power. they were through. 
he had reached the village. after that he was in a truck that left his to the hospital.

the doctor called out his name as sher singh bahadur
he replied "my father is not here, but i am sher singh" he was very scared.
now they would tell him
"you are the boy who brought kunwar in from laldwani?"
"yes" said sher singh.
then a smile broke all over the doctor's great gentle face.
" sher singh 
bahadur"he said "your brother will live. Come and see."