trees are useful and
their fruits are tasteful.
trees are great but
cutting them is our fate.

birds build their nests
in which they take rests
their birth is on the earth and
they need water for their growth

trees are very good and 
gives us nice food
if we cut them we get wood 
which is used for our livelyhood

childrens swing on branches and
and jump through the fences
they protect us from the sun and
gives us enmormus fun  
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One day, i found in a spot
not so far from the sea
i thank u so much my god
a lovely wonderful tree

its fruit i started eating
they were filled with love
and i could not help but think
that i'd never get enough

one of the seeds of the fruit
i have planted it in my soul
and now its a pleasure to look
and watch a little tree grow 
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