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Paddy can be grown only in summer season and rainy season. Every crop has its own favourable conditions to grow. Without those favourable conditions, it is impossible for any crop to grow. For paddy to grow, require warm temperature which available during summer seasons. But during winter the temperature goes down and so does the favourable conditions required by it.Therefore, paddy can't be grown in the winter season.

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Paddy can not be grown in winter as the cold that is the winter time is not the favourable time for paddy to grow . Thinking scientifically , Paddy needs a lot of water to grow . In rainy season it get water from rain but in winter there is no rain and also temperature is cold instead of humid .
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Paddy is a kharif crop i.e between june and july which are rainy seasons .Paddy absorbs a lot of water for growing.In winter paddy will dry up.
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