A physical balance is an instrument used to find the mass or weight of a given object. Physical balance has different types :
1. Equal-arm balance
2. Unequal-arm balance
3. Spring balance

The equal-arm balance is also known as Beam balance, in which the fulcrum is in the center of the balancing rod.
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Mass is defined as the amount of matter contained in a body .
Mass is measured by using physical balance or beam balance.
A beam balance that can measure mass even up to 1milligram or less is known as A physical balance.
Generally used in science laboratory or in Jewellery shop to measure mass of gold.
principle of working:
It works on the principle of moments, according to which "In equilibrium, the anti clock wise moment due to weight of object on one side of beam is equal to the clockwise moment due to standard weights on other side of beam"
Hence there is no difference between beam balance and physical balance

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