Its proper and judicious use of resources
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                                      Resource Planning

   Resource Planning is the activity to plan for the utilization of  the resources I have under my jurisdiction, care, responsibility.   Resource planning is one important activity of a manager and director, who is in charge of getting a task done with best quality with given set of resources.

   Resources can be Human resources, Assets, and Time that are important and that we can manage in achieving making of a product or, utilizing a product in its intended location.

   In a factory or a company, the human resources include the employees at all levels, Assets like office space, furniture, finance capital, other monetary funds, computers, machinery, and most importantly the time duration to execute a task/project.

   Planning for human resources means assignment of employees to the tasks in a proper way.  Educating and training them for future upgrades.  The aim is to maximize the use of all the skills and all the time of all employees and minimizing idle time.  The employees are allotted to various activities and re-allotted to other activities when earlier ones complete.  Resource planning includes training employees to acquire skills required for their future responsibilities.

   Planning for Assets includes the way the assets of various types are purchased, sold, rotated, acquired etc.

   Most important is the time management.  The duration available for completing a task/project is divided among small sub tasks.   There will be links between some tasks and other tasks.  The aim will be to minimize the loss of time or waiting times.


   For us students, their time, funds available to them, space available, study material, our body , our mind, gadgets and any other given to them are the resources available to them.  We must utilize these resources by planning our schedules and following them with discipline.  That will enable us to realize the career objectives.

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