Porifera - sponge 
coelenterata- jellyfish
platyhelminthes - flat worms like leech 
aschelminthes - ascaris
annelida - earthworms
arthropoda - spider, lobster 
mollusca - snail
echinodermata - starfish, see urchins 
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1)Phylum porifera -> glass sponge, freshwater sponge, Bath sponge.

2)Phylum Coelenterata -> Common jellyfish, Red coral, Hydra.

Phylum Platyhelminthes -> Tape worm, blood fluke, liver fluke.

4)Phylum Aschelminthes -> Round worm, filarial worm, hookworm.

5)Phylum Annelida -> Earthworm, clamworm, leech.

6)Phylum Arthropoda -> terristial- scorpion, spider.
                                          Aquatic - Prawn, crab.
                                            areil - Butterflies, mosquitoes.

7)Phylum Mollusca -> Apple snail, octopus, cuttle fish.

8)Phylum Echinodermata -> starfish, sea lily, Sea urchin, Sea cucumber.

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