Resources are the things from the environment which are useful to human beings.Natural resources are resources we get from nature (example: fossil fuels,water, minerals). Conservation of resources not only means the protection but also the judicious use of the resources so that they don't get exhausted.Conservation of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels are very important.The best way to conserve them is by using renewable resources like solar energy
and wind energy instead of non-renewable resources. Management of the human use of natural resources to provide the maximum benefit to current generations while maintaining capacity to meet the needs of future generations is called Conservation of resources


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The population of the world is increasing day by day. As a result of  population explosion, man has been exploiting natural resources for a very long time now that they are facing the danger of being depleted. Hence it is high time that we start giving importance to the conservation of resources. Resources mainly refer to God given assets like water, air, mountains, land and so on. All of these resources are getting polluted these days. This must be strictly condemned. 
we need to conserve resources for our future generation and also its vital as these resources carry the life on earth forward for generations. by not cutting trees and not polluting the rivers, by switching over to organic products, by planting many trees, by following the three Rs-- reduce, reuse, recycle -- we can conserve resources .

any variation in resources causes an imbalance in the environment and this is bad for us in future. To live a life of pleasure, we must conserve nature!

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Mind your words plz...fatmamehdi
Conservation of resources means to protect and save resources for the next generation and for conserving there are 4 golden Rs 
reduce - consume less and do not waste
reuse - use things as much u can 
refuse - refuse the waste of resources
recycle - recycle old things to make new things                                                         
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