1.Penicillium , used in medicine
2.Ergot fungus,  a muscle and blood vessel and constrictor that relieves the horrible pain of migraines , stimulus uterine contraction during childbirth and prevents hemorrhaging

 HARMFUL Fungus--
1.Aspergillus fumigatus, can cause aspergilloma (a fungus ball) in lungs or paranasal sinuses and localized or systematic aspergillosis
2.Mucor causes a rare mucormycosis

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Penicillium is useful fungus, used in Medicine while Mucor is harmful fungus, it cause a rare mucormycosis
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The two useful uses of fungi :
1) It has a essential role in industry: In bread making industry, yeast is used to provide sponginess to the bread.Several species of Penicillin and Aspergillus are used in flavouring cheese.

2)it has essential role in agriculture: The saprophytic fungi decay and decompose the dead bodies of plants and animals and convert their complex organic compounds into simple inorganic compounds, such as nitrates, nitrites, sulphates etc.These minerals increases the soil fertility.

The harmful uses of fungi :
1)It causes a number of diseases in human.Such as burning sensation, itching, athlete's food.

2)It spoils food:penicillium, Aspergillus and moulds like mucor and rhizopous spoil our fruit, vegetables, meat, diary  products.

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