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Akbar was a great Mughal emperor. Birbal help an important position in Akbar' s cabinet of ministers. Birbal is known for his wit and humor. But one must also not forget the fact that all of his witty statements have a sense of logic too. That's why birbal could become one of the navratnas in Akbar's kingdom. We are all familiar with the famous Akbar birbal stories, like khichdi...and so on. Once Akbar asked birbal to tell the number of crows in delhi and birbal immediately told a number! Everyone was shocked and Akbar asked him how...and birbal explained it too...another time, Akbar drew a line on the wall and told birbal to shorten the line without erasing it. Birbal drew a longer line near the line which Akbar had drawn and said that the line has become shorter.....there are many more stories like this...