1. they are larger than the inner planets as seen from their enormous diameter
2. they have many satellites moving around them
3. they have rings around them 
4. they have very low density being composed mainly of gases though they may also have a rocky core
5. their atmosphere is composed largely of  helium and hydrogen
6. they have extremely low temperature 

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Astronomers have divided the eight planets of our solar system into the inner planets and the outer planets. The 4 inner planets are the closest to the Sun, and the outer planets are the other four – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The outer planets are also called the Jovian planets or gas giants. Like the inner planets, the outer planets have similar characteristics to one another. The outer planets are so much larger than the inner planets that they make up 99 percent of the mass of the celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. Although mainly composed of gas, the outer planets also have other ingredients. Somewhere at the center is what scientist refer to as a rocky core, although it is actually composed of liquid heavy metals. While the inner planets have few or no moons, the outer planets have dozens each. The inner and outer planets are separated by the asteroid belt.

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