You'll have to press the numbers of the number pad or else it won't work.
Create a new folder, rename it CON but don't press enter yet. Hold down Alt and type 255 on the number pad and then press enter.

its a wrong answer @rekharose ,we cannot name a folder CON
becoz CON is a reserved word,which is already taken by system.Hence we cannot use the CON word to create a folder.
It is because “CON” is
a reserved name that dates back to
the days of MS-DOS and is short for
There are also other reserved file
name like COM1, COM2 which indicate
ports and LPT1, LPT2 indicates
printer ports. and PRN, AUX, NUL.
How to Create Folder Named “CON”
open Command Prompt
(Windows Key +R and
type cmd)
type cd\ and press
type mkdir c:\con\ and
press enter.
Now go to your C: directory, you will
see a folder named con.
Note: By this method, you can delete
this folder easily.
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CON" is short for "CONsole". You can't create a folder named con because it is a DEVICE NAME!
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