Explain why the absense of photosynthesis life would be impossible on earth

see evertything is dependend on everyone like we r dependend on plants some animals dependend on us and so on we need oxygen which is provided by plants and co2 is required by plants which we give out so if photosenthesis dosent take place there wonnt be food for plants not food no reproduction no reproduction no human life so photosentesis is important


Photosynthesis is essential for life as we know it.Most organisms on earth needs oxygen to life.

Photosynthesis absorb carbondioxide which is the gas that we breath out out and is produced by burning things.

This gas is also a greenhouse gas which means that if there are high levels of this gas you will see a rise in temp.

And most of our enzymes dont like hot temperatures or cold. So plants keep our climate in check. 

But as a footnote we see more and more bateria and protozoa that can life in in very hazardous environments like hot sulfur springs in yellow stone park and in deep oceans in the regions of hot springs and underwater vulcanoes.So that life wouldnt be possible is a bit over dramatic.

But for mamals plants and other higher organisms life would be impossible without photosynthesis
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The oxygen we breathe comes from plant .in the process photosynthesis,plants utilise energy from sun,carbon dioxide from air and water and minerals from soil. then they give up excess water and oxygen as waste products . without plants there would be no life on earth because we all animals and human beings depend on it for oxygen . if no plants, then no oxygen and of course no life at all.

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If photosynthesis does not happen then the plants will not exhale[literally!]if it does not exhale we will not get oxygen. all living organisms need oxygen .so if photosynthesis stops we will not get oxygen,and life does not continue on earth. we all live because of the balance of life ,plants' photosynthesis is an important part of it ,if it's not in a balance then life will not continue.