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I just like to say that.I have been wanting to address the issue of comparing marijuana to tobacco. This happens often and it is so stupid it drives me nuts to have to listen to it.John Walters, "Drug Czar" for the Bush Administration, the worst presidential administration in human history, has often found it useful to compare and contrast tobacco and marijuana.Is he really stupid, or does he have an agenda?Make the jump.His purpose, of course, is to hold the Official Line, Reefer Madness. His job is to lie, to distort, to confuse, and to muddy the waters of public discourse. A typical Team Bush croney.While the man has overseen the return of the reefer madness of yesteryear, it is the repeated comparison of cannabis with tobacco I wish to focus upon.Here are some excerpts from a CNN appearance of John Walters in 2002, talking about the cannabis reform question on the Nevada ballot at that time (the "legalization" of up to an ounce, which failed.)
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