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Harrapan civilisation also known as the indus valley civilisation  was during 660 bce
in the area of northern indian subcontinent. the society was matriarchal and had well planed roads and drainage system . they weared jwelleries made of stones and silver and gold . the main source of the harrapan civilisations are excavations .
the language is still not defined. known to be ruined by foreign invasion or destroyed by natural clamities

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the indus valley civilization is a big flourished in around 3300 is a bronze age civilization.harappa and mahen jodaro was the two cities to be found first among many others.the excavation of rakhigarhi was followed by them.the other sites that were excavated were dholavira , cholistan and ganeriwala.The indus valley civilization is also known as the harappan civilization because the first site that was excavated was harappa followed by mohenjodaro and other sites.the harappan civilization belonged to the chalcolithic was estimated that indus valley civilization flourished between 2500 BCE and 1500 BCE.the discovery of the indus valley seals and pottery among the ruins of mohenjodaro means mound of the is located on the banks of the river indus.harappa is situated on the banks of river ravi.about 2800 site has been discovered so far , the indus valley civilization is the largest civilization of the ancient world.some majors sites are lothal , ropar , kalibangan , alamgirpur , surkotada , banawali and dholavira.some important public buildings were great granary , great bath and assembly hall.the indus valley cities were well planned.the main streets ran parallel to each other , cut at right angles by smaller streets , dividing the cities into rectangular blocks .the main roads were and wide  ( about 30 feet ) and curved at the corners to allow carts to pass easily.the streets were often paved with baked is the india's earliest known urban civilization.
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