conservation of forests 

conservation of trees means preventing the trees from being cut is now high time to think on this matter because almost all the cities are now having few trees in them.cutting down of trees will harm us to a great extent.we will have to face many diseases and breathing problems.air will be more polluted and soil will be eroded when strong winds will blow or floods will occur.

we should not cut trees because there are many advantages of trees.some of them are:

* they provide food for us as fruits,seeds etc..we all love to have some of these fruits.
* trees provide shelter to the birds and animals living in the forest.
* trees also provide shade to us in the hot summers.
* they prevents soil erosion.the roots of these trees hold the soil very tightly.when strong winds blow or floods occur , the soil the prevented from being eroded.
* they are a valuable source of timber.we get wood from them which is used in making furnitures and paper from the pulp extracted.
* they are the primary sources of oxygen for human beings on earth.
* they keep us cool by taking us the released carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis.
* rainfall occurs due to these trees as they make suitable conditions for the rainfall to come.
* they even help in reducing the air pollution by absorbing many of the pollutants.
* some species also provide very common example is neem tree.
* forests are also places of job for many people.they rely on them for money to survive.
* their greenery and natural beauty makes our mother earth look naturally beautiful. 

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Forest are unique gift of nature to man. they play a significant role in the national economy of a developing country like India. Forest conservation means the proper use of forest resources without causing an adverse affect on our economy or environment. The main objective of forest conservation are :-
1. Check indiscriminate deforestation.
2. Prevention of overgrazing & measures to grow fresh cover fodder  should be undertaken.
3. Shifting agriculture needs to be controlled.
4.Deforestation & Reforestation should be carried out in quick session.