Here is the conversation between two
ashoka: dear god , i have realised that honesty kindness and non -voilence is the only key to live in this world.
buddha:its nice i hope that you will be a good follower of buddhism.
ashoka:yes god 
i will advertise buddhism in evry part of the world and do what ever you tell. please accept me as your student.
buddha :yes why not . i hope u will not dissappoint me 
ashoka:yes ,i will never disappoint u
i will send my both of children for the advertisment of buddhism . iwill leave all the luxories of my life and live a plain life .
buddha:okay now you are ready for becoming a buddhist monk.

Ashoka: God plz help me. i m in trouble.
buddha: what is ur problem tell me i will solve
ashoka: God my life is in danger plz tell what to do??
Buddha :yes why not . u choose the path towards non-violence, honesty, kindness, good human and follow Buddhism 
ashoka: yes ,i will thnks for showing me a good path God. Please accept me as your student.
Buddha : From now you are my student

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