Q.1. With the help of a neat diagram show how Amoeba captures its food?
Name the mode of nutrition.
Q.2. Explain how plants exhibit transpiration? Mention different processes
Involved in the movement of water and food.
Q3. How do plants exhibit excretion? Mention different products that are useful for us.
Q.4. Ramesh visited his native village after a long time. He felt sorry for the people of his village.
He wanted to help them by starting a fertilizer factory So that the financial position of
villagers will be better. He got approval
From the concerned department and the financial assistance for the project
When he visited the nearest dispensary in his village, he changed his mind
and decided not to open a factory but to open smallscale industry for the
benefit of the village.
a) What made him to change his mind according to you?
b) Do you think his decision is any way better forthe village?
c) What do you think he must have seen in the dispensary, which made him
to change his mind?
Q.5. What are osmoregulatory organs? Explain how the process of excretion
Takes place in humans.



It is autotrophic nutrition
Amoeba uses pseudopods to capture food.