The theme of the journey by night is about the courage of sher singh .he was brave and courageous . he was having the courage to take his bro ,kunwar from ladwani to the hospital for treatment because he was ill and dying . the other theme is 'FRATERNAL LOVE' ,i.e.,his love expressed for his brother . FEAR is one of the theme as sher shas singh had the fear of seeing his bro dying .

                                     i hope u r expecting theme for the poem or something else i don't know .
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Journey by night is a story of a brave boy, Sher Singh, whose father was a very brave man and was awarded the title bahabur. The boy was also very brave like his father. He carried his younger brother,Kunwar, who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the Hospital travelling a distance of 50 miles crossing forest at night and 2 rivers(1 flooded)
and finally reaches the hospital and saves the life of his younger brother