The process of taking food which give us nutrients are called nutrition.
It is of two types:-
1. Autotrophic( which make their food by their own), eg.plants &bacteria
2.Hetroptrophic(which are dependent on other for their food), eg. animal
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actually i said to describe the two nutritions in detail
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Nutrition is the combination of processes by which living organisms recieve and utilize the material necessary for the maintenance of its functions and for the growth and renewal of its components.Nutrition comes from the latin word Nutr - which means nurture or nourish.
they have two modes of nutrition:

1) Autotrophic : These are green plants that prepare their own food by the process photosynthesis. It is an autotrophic mode of nutrition. The process                 by    which the green plants prepare their food in the presence of                           sunlight, water and chlorophyll is called photosynthesis.

2) Heterotrophic : These plants cannot prepare their own food.And they can be saphrophytic, symbiotic and parasitic.

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