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dear diary,
              From past three days i was in goa....i had a great tym wid my friends in i m leavin to my native carying a trunk of memories.We visited many churchs beaches and historical places.On the first day we went to two beaches.....we were there for almost  fulll day in the beach.We built a sand castle and we collected may shells.On our way back we had some ice cream.When we reached our resort it was dinner tym n we directly went to the dining hall fo dinner.A grand dinner was served for us with a varaiety of dishes and deserts.Aftr hveing our dinner we went nea the pool side and spent some talkin to each other.Aftr an hour we went to bed.
    NExt day we got up early in the morning and went to the beach which was walking distance from our resort.Aftr coming back from the beach we had our breakfast and went for shooping.I purchased many dresses and a pair of swim suit and a pair of loafers.We also visited some historical place and churchs.By evening we reached our resort and we had plaaned to spend some time in our room.We enjoyed a lot in our cottage.

Finnaly,today we have to leave to our native place.I don wan to leave this palce.we had a lot of fun.this was my first trip along wid my friends...but unfortunately we have to go back to our homes.THese days were the most memorable days of my lofe.

good nite diary

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