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Dear Jerry,

    Thanks for the last e-mail, I'm really that everything's good between you and Mary. I wish you guys all the best! 

    Actually, I wanted to write to you about something I saw last time while taking a walk through the park a couple days back. Can you imagine that some people, think it's completely ok to use public park as toilet? The worst part is that they're not even homeless, they don't look as poor people who simply don't have a place to go to. Not at all...
    I was shocked when I saw this one guy standing by the tree whistlting while... well, I'm sure you can imagine what he was doing there. Anyway, he didn't even care to be seen...
    What's wrong with the people now? Doesn't anybody want to live in clean and healthy environment, do we really have to add our share to polution problems which are already quite big anyway. What do you think?
    I'm gonna finish here cause I've gotta go out and run some errands. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you next time! 



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