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We can clearly see that there's a very important dispute on how women are and how should be perceived by man, themselves and the whole societies. 

Since long ago, women have been discriminated against, why? Simply, because since ancient times they have been looked down on due to their less strong physique and slight differences in how their body is built. In times when sheer power was the main factor for dominance over people and lands, women have been forced to take the lost position. The question is - do we still want to act like half-minded neanderthals thinking that by just being a man you are better? 

I believe that who we are should only be decided by ourselves alone and everybody should be equal. It doesn't mean that women have to start working in mines and men should go around selling perfume. If both sides want to - why not? It's your own choice. And we have to remember - every child has a mother, but not every child ends up having a father. Women made it possible for the societies to develop and grow. They make our life beutiful and whole. In more extreme cases, we could even argue that thanks to women, men don't end up killing one another.

We can respect the eldest women in our societies, why can't respect the young ones then? Why can't we admit then in many many cases they ARE better than man. More intelligent, more light-headed and wiser in their choices. 

Every time you might want to insult a girl, think that men, would never be able to live without women and not only because they wouldn't had been born in the first place. 
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