It was a cold night, we were at our farm house.san light, san noices.The only thing that could be hear was the sound of wild animals, howling.
Accompanied by owls and other birds.At that starry night, the wind was blowing as if storm will occur.we all were frightened.
Then that thing happened. the most devasting  of the natural calamities, i.e, 'earth quake'. Our house was trembling vigorously.
And i jumped out of bed at midnight..for help!!!
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I jumped out of my bed at mid night.I could smell the fragrance of smoke and when i looked out of the window , I saw black smoke all over the courtyard. A little later , i could see blazing flames in one of our neighborhood houses on fire!I could see everyone converging near the house ; and consoling the owners.I expected a call to number 101 so that the fire extinguishing company may come sooner or later and the same happened , soon.They started to blast high volume of water under high pressure(Hydro Pump) towards the house , so that the fire may be extinguished, but it was really taking a lot of time. I was terrified at this.
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Hydro Pump is seen