Indian's heroes deals with the student's natural response to life and sacrifice of those bravehearts, who contributd their due, during the 2008 terrorists attacks on mumbai.The entire story revolves around the lives of those bravehearts, who sacrificed their lives and contributed in their own way, when Mumbai was faced with terrorists attacks.
The opening character of the frame story is Mrs.baruah.She is a major character of the frame story. She has been presented as a middle school teacher. she is quite an accomplished teacher, who had a student approch to teaching. She has a cheerful personality, because of this reason children were fond of her and did her assignment. She encouraged class participation.She's quite diciplinarial as well as emotional.
Kabeer is the protagonist of the frame story. He is presented as a school in his early teens, who is a student of class 8.
the author has not presented him an extrovert student or as somebody who is brilliantly academically.We are told that he was rather shy, and was not accustomed to speaking aloud before entire class.Kabeer's speaking on virtues like courage, fearlessness, selflessness and caring for others, is a testimony of his own character.kabeer was a simple boy who valued simple folks like himself. He turned out to be the true hero of the class and would would surely grow up to be the real hero of his country .
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