Start of with a clean topic sentence, mixed with a question to get the reader thinking. Then state a straightforward thesis, to make sure the reader gets the point of the essay.

Then provide a few facts on the topic. Remember essay is never about opinions

Go on to prove each fact with 3-4 evidences for each fact. 

Have at least 2 solid proofs of your fact. 

Then close off stating the same facts from the beginning, differently worded, and then end of with a question, something that makes the reader think 
As we all practice makes a man perfect... So keep practicing....write at least one essay daily..... First of all choose a good starting you can take some common issues based topic And then grow up your level....before writing think of some facts and ideas related to your topic ... First give a small introduction of your topic....then write its body...and then finish it with a good conclusion may be a good quote .you can write it...and if your topic is something about current affair then you can mention a question too ...and if the topic is related to nature you must ask a question from the reader....make your thinking high...when you will think good .ideas will start entering your mind ........ Hope these few tips help u