Manu-Hi mini! What are you doing?
Mini-I m doing my homework.
Manu-So what's your plan about tomorrow's holiday?
Mini-I want to spend my holiday with my family members.
Manu-Tomorrow we are going for a  picnic to Amritdhara .will you go?
Mini-Sorry, we can not go because we went for the picnic in the earlier Sunday only and I want to spend this Sunday with my family members.
Manu- Ok ! Next time.
Mini- Ok ! Thank you for inviting.
Manu-Hi Mini! How r u???
Mini-I m fine. Tell about yours.
Manu-Fine. So have you think about this weeks holidays. Any plan??
Mini-I want to spend my holiday with my family members.
Manu-I m going to Shimla for picnic. You will come with us???
Mini-Sorry, but I want to be with family members. 
Manu- No issues regarding that. Hope you will enjoy.
Mini- Ok! Thanks and Enjoy your best.
Manu-Bye Mini!
Mini-Bye! See you later after your picnic. And remember to show me your pics.
Manu- Ok! Bye!
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