Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is also reffered to as cardice.It is colourless, with a sour zesty odor, non-inflamable and slightly acidic.
The uses  of dry gas :
1) It is used as a cooling agent.
2)It is used for preserving food by freezing in the absence of mechanical cooling.
3)It is used to remove warts by freezing them.
4) They are used for blast cleaning.
5)It is used as cutting fluid.
6)It is used as a organic solvent.

Dry ice has numerous uses.hope this helps.. :))
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Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and its used in the following ways 
i. to protect specimen in long distance travel
ii. it is used by industries to explore the food products and beverage ex; new forms of ice cream called dip dots is used as cooling agents.