help the poor student
                                                    6 june 2015

i want to draw your attention to a major disease of humans brain tumours in a small poor child who 's family can not afford the cost of the surgery .so its my appeal to all the people of the society to contribute a small amount for the surgery of the boy for the sake of humanity . so that the surgery can be possible . i hope for favourable response.
                                      " HELP NEEDED "
Date - 11/07/15
This is to inform you that Master. Kisan Rastogi , a student of class four from our school has been diagonised with brain-tumour. We deeply mourn his sufferings.His family needs financial support .Our school has decided to help his family in these difficult times. We request all our students and staff member to contribute for this noble cause. Students are to deposit their contributions to their respective class teachers, while the staff members will deposit it to the treasurer. 
" God help him recover soon"
- Rimjhim Chakraborty.
Secretary, K.V . B.K.P

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