Ashoka: God plz help me. i m in trouble.
buddha: what is ur problem tell me i will solve
ashoka: God my life is in danger plz tell what to do??
Buddha :yes why not . u choose the path towards non-violence, honesty, kindness, good human and follow Buddhism 
ashoka: yes ,i will thnks for showing me a good path God. Please accept me as your student.
Buddha : From now you are my student

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but i wanted a little elborate answer....
thanks a lot but i wanted a little elborate answer....
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Ashoka : my lord,everyday i am facing a problem
Buddha:what is that
ashoka:when i won the kalinga war i was very happy but a old lady told me that you are successful in the battle but not in your life because many people have died to win the war .so how can i be sucessful in my life ?
Buddha:the only way is that you have to leave your kingdom and like me you have to become a buddhist.
ashoka:but my wife and my sons?
Bhuddha :you have to leave them all  and send your sons to other places to spread buddhism .
ashoka :but then my kingdom will be destroyed
bhuddha:see my son , the human who will be peaceful will always be sucessful in  his life
ashoka : yes my lord ,today onwards i am leaving everything .
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