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Yes Cell's shape and size is related to its function. For example: brain cells have many connecting branches to send signals to each other. Cells that protect the body surfaces and cavities are often flatted or square-like in shape so they can fit together and cover surfaces.That is why Cell's shape and size is related to its function
Cells show a great variation in their shape. It can be said by the following :-

.Nerve cells are long to conduct impulse from distant parts of the body to the brain and vice-versa.

.The muscles are long and contractile to help in the movement of the bones.

.Xylem vessels are long and elongated to help in the conduction of water and minerals.

.Guard cells in the leaves of plants are kidney-shaped to open and close the stomata to allow exchange of gases.

Therefore, we can say that, the shape of the cell is related to it's function.
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