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2.Understand and explain the scientific concept behind any one traditional method of water conservation..
3. (a) Find out as to how the methods of water conservation have evolved in present India.
(b) How has technology contributed towards saving and conserving water? (e.g drip irrigation etc)
4. A major problem with water storage is water contamination.
A major need post Nepal earthquake was the water cleaning tablets. How do they function ? List one more method of water cleaning.
5. At an individual level how would you contribute towards saving water.
Draft a ‘Save Water Pledge’ ’It should have tips on reducing your water footprint.(in not more than 50 words)



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   Bawris are deep step-wells built into the ground. These were built by the people of olden times for storing rain water. This was an old method of rainwater harvesting. When it rains, the rain water can be used during the times of water shortage.

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