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1. Damodar Valley in Jharkhand extending upto 'Ranigunj' in West Bengal; with an offshoot of south east trend. 
2. Mahanadi Valley - 'Talcher' 
3. Godavari Valley - Starting in Madhaya Pradesh, Maharashtra into Andhra Pradesh (Singareni collieries) 
4. 'Singrauli' (UP) extending west into Madhya Pradesh 
5. Kalakot in Jammu & Kashmir state 
6. Assam/Mehalaya border to the west; isolated sites on Assam/Arunachal Pradesh 
Of these 'Jharia' coal is Anthracite veriety, fit for metallurgical use. Assam coal has more Sulphur content that is injurious for metallurgical uses. Singareni coal has high ash content and used as fuel for Thermal power generation, cement plans, locomotives, brick kilns. 

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most coal found in india is in gondwana,jharkhand..
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