Three animals are 
1. lion
type- carnivores
diet- deer, and many animals of the forest
habitat - forests
adaption -Lions rely on powerful vocal chords, long and pointy claws, rough tongues and flappy skin around their abdomens to survive in their native habitats. Like most animals, lions use their vocal chords to communicate with each other and to prevent intrusion of their territory boundaries. They rely on lengthy claws, strong teeth and sandpaper-like tongues to catch, kill and consume prey
2. squirrel 
type - omnivore
diet - nuts and many vegetable
habitat-  woodlands
adaption- Squirrels are equipped with several key adaptations, including powerful hind legs, a heightened sense of smell, an excellent memory and a suite of vocalizations. Squirrels have physical adaptations, such as anatomy and body structure, and exceptional cognitive abilities to help them survive in specific habitats on short-term and long-term bases.
3. camel
type - herbivore
diet - twigs, stems and green leave
habitat - desert
adaption - 
Two rows of long eyelashes,Nostrils can be closed,Fat stored in hump(s), Thick fur and under wool, Thick leathery patches on knees, Long strong legs and Broad, flat, leathery pads at the bottom of their hooves.