The carrot gets its characteristic and bright orange colour from the pigment called β-carotene. Spinach is green due to chlorophyll pigment present in the chloroplast of the leaf tissue.
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Spinach is green because of the chlorophyll pigment present in.usually carrots are orange in colour.the red carrot is larger,sweeter and juicy carrots are orange in colour because they absorb certain wavelenghts of light more efficiently than to others.carotene is the main pigment and mainly it absorbs 400 to 500nm region of the visible spectum with a peak absorption at about 450nm.carotenoids are many fruits and vegetables though carotene is most abudant in carrots it is also found in pumkins,apricots and nectarines.dark green vegetables such as spinach and brocoli are another sourcein these the orange colour is masked by the gram colour of chrophyll.
                             this can be seen in leaves,in autumn/when the leaves die the chlorophyll breaks down and the yellow/red colours of hte more stable caretonids can be seen.

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