O1. how many non square numbers are there between 100² and 101²
a.201 b.200 c.151 d.251
o2. which of the following is not a perfect square.
a.47000 b.3249 c.186624 d.99238
o3.the square root of 18496 will have
a.2 digits b.3 digits c.4 digits d.5 digits
o4.√155+√41-√21+√19-√9 is
a.8 b.12 c.11 d.13
o5.the multiplicative inverse of 21/12 is
a.12/11 b.-11/12 c.11/12 d.1
o6.if a,b,c are rational numbers and a[b+c]=axb+aye,then property is
a.associative b.dorure c.distributive d.communicative
o7.half of a number decrease by 10 is 14 the no. is
a.24 b.84 c.48 d.29
o8.which of the following is not a parallogram?
a.trapezium b.square c.rectangle d.rohmbus
o9.how many faces does a square pyramid has
a.4 b.5 c.12 d.8



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Q1. No.of non squares = 101^2 - 100^2 =(101+100)(101-100) =201×1=201 Q2.(d) Q3.(b) Q5. (12/21) Q6. (C) Q7.(c) Q8.(a) Q9.(b)
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