(1) WAP in Java to accept a string and change the case of each character of the string and display the new string Sample Input: Computer Application Output: COMPUTER aPPLICATION
(2) WAP in Java to accept a string and find:
i) Number of blank spaces in the string
ii) Number of words in the string
iii) Number of characters present in the string
(3) WAP in Java to accept a name (cointaining three words) and display the initials along with the surname. Sample Input: Subhash Chandra Bose
Output: S. C. Bose
(4) WAP in Java to accept a string (cointaining three words) and display the same in reverse order. Sample Input: computer-is fun
Output: fun is computer



Its all easy....
pls under stand the basic logic and try to do by yourself....
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