Hi everyone/ Gud morning everyone

I am here to make you aware of the advantages of tree plantation. As you all know now a days tress are getting lesser and lesser... because of it, pollution is getting high and temperature of our earth is also increasing due to the disturbance of ozone layer. If this continues one day there will be nothing alive on the earth.
And the best and easy solution for this BIG problem is afforestation that is planting trees. The trees not only reduce this pollution and global warmings but also give us a fresh atmosphere, a good quality of air to breathe. They give us shade in hot. They give us the food we eat. They are the reason for our living. What else can they do to make themselves valuable. But still what we are doing is cutting trees and destroying our own nature, our own earth, our own lives. If everyone plants a plant at least once a week or month we will never have to face situations like earth getting overheated etc. Hope you all have understood my words.

And I wish that you all try your best in making our earth a much beautiful and a better place then ever it was.

Thank you.