Shweta noticed that her Nana (maternal grandfather) would get very quiet whenever anyone mentioned Pakistan. One day she decided to ask him about it. Her Nana told her about how he moved from Lahore to Ludhiana during partition. Both his parents were killed. Even he would not have survived, but a neighbouring Muslim family gave him shelter and kept him in hiding for several days. They helped him find some relatives and that is how he managed to cross the border and start a new life.

Have you heard a similar story? Ask your grandparents or anyone of that generation about their memories of Independence Day, about the celebration, about the trauma of partition, about the expectations they had from independence.

Write down at least two of these stories.



A kind of same incident was faced by my  grand parents while the partition. Most of the hindus were being  killed by the muslims and many other people were being attacked and one of them were my grand parents how ever they hid under a cart of hay  till midnight  then however they escaped and could reach to a safe place
hope this will help you