There are actually many types of irrigation which are suitable for different areas
the most prominent are :
Spray irrigation:The more modern spray irrigation in all its various forms is a more expensive type of irrigation, requiring more complex machinery than flood irrigation, but it utilizes water more efficiently, reducing the amount of water needed to irrigate a field. .In spray irrigation systems, a long hose is set to a water source on one side and on the side reaching the field, water is released through spray guns.. This system is built of many triangular metal frames on wheels that hold the central hose above the field. The hose transports water from a pump at the center of the system and water is sprayed through sprinklers along the tube. The whole structure circulates the field spraying water, with the water source as the center of the circle.

Drip irrigation:While drip irrigation may be the most expensive method of irrigation, it is also the most advanced and efficient method in respect to effective water use.Usually used to irrigate fruits and vegetables, this system consists of perforated pipes that are placed by rows of crops or buried along their root lines and emit water directly onto the crops that need it. As a result, evaporation is drastically reduced and 25% irrigation water is conserved in comparison to flood irrigation.
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The best method of irrigation in india is sprinkler system because it sprinkels less water and provide more water to the growth of plant.