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'Journey by Night' is one of the notable short stories of Norah Burke's collection:Jungle picture.
It relates how a twelve year boy carries his sick younger brother, on his back, to a faraway hospital, struggle through various obstacles which present themselves before him.The plot concerns the protagonist and his journey, with his ailing brother on his back, through the darkness of the night.Sher shing was certain that his brother was dying, still he struggled with this dark thought of death, and journeyed all alone with his brother.
He had a extraordinary power, he had will of strength.He is very responsible, courageous.He had a good presence of mind and had a great sense of self-respect. Thought his heroism seems much advanced for his age, yet he is quite lifelike character.
Without this extraordinary will, he would never succeeded.

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He was a boy who owned a high level of understanding. he realizes that if Kunwar was to be taken to the hospital it should be done by him. on his risk filled way to the hospital although he encounters many a dangers yet he doesn't back out. Bravery, courage and determination as his weapons he was lead forward by his undying love for his brother. He was determined and has not let his lacking to overcome him.
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