The theme of journey by night is the COURAGE of Sher Singh . He was brave and courageous .He was having the courage to take his brother ,Kunwar from Laldwani to the hospital for treatment because he was ill and dieing . The other theme is the FRATERNAL LOVE i.e his love for his brother expressed by him. FEAR is the one of the theme as Sher Singh had the fear of seeing his brother dieing and also the STRUGGLE OF LIFE.
This story is really motivating as this story is giving a good example for phrase"TRY TRY BUT DON'T CRY ".
The poem is about the courage and determination of sher shing for his brother kunwar while taking him to the hospital at laladwani he faces different challenges but with the strong fraternal bond he faces all of them and reaches the laladwani hospital where he is been given the title sher singh bhadur.
this story gives us the message that when the world forces us to cry we should be great like sher singh to smile in every situation and try our level best.

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