Indian heroes is a story about a boy Kabeer. Their class teacher told them to make an assignment on aim or someone they would like to be a role model or a mentor. Everyone talked about cricketers, politicians, but Kabeer talked about great Indian heroes who sacrificed their lives in the Mumbai bomb explosion at November 2008.
Indian's heroes is an anonymous story about the reaction of different people in a difficult situation. It deals with the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on November 26, 2008, and sings of the unsung heroes, who contributed immensly in the time of danger, some even laying down their own lives, to save others. The terrorist attack was one of the most devasting of its kind.
The story starts with the entrance of the teacher,Ms.baruah in the class of 40 students. She had given them assignment to these eight standard students to write what they would like to be when they grew up. All the students were eager to read their assignments. All the children wrote about moviestars, sportsmen and politicians.
Next, it was Kabeer's turn who was rather shy. He spoke about the unsung heroes of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, 2008. Every one were inspired by him.At the end of his speech, the whole class gave him a standing ovation.There were tears in everybody's eyes. And Mrs.Baruah was proud of her students.

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