Tree species is Shorea robusta, commonly known as the Sal tree. The coastal region of Purba mendinipur exhibits coastal vegetation; the predominant tree is the Casuarina. A notable tree from the Sundarbans is the ubiquitous sundari (Heritiera fomes), from which the forest gets its name.vegetation also includes rhodendrons,conifers,oaks. wildlife includes.... The high-altitude forests of Singalila National Park shelterbarking dear,red panda, serrow, pangolin,minivet ,etc. The Sundarbans are noted for a reserve project conserving the endangered bengal tiger, although the forest hosts many other endangered species, such as the gangetic dolphin, etc
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West Bengal is sufficiently a very diverse state. From tranquil Gangetic plains,to hilly Darjeeling and then the mangrove forests of Sundarban. As this time of the year, West Bengal receives pre-monsoon rains. West Bengal's climate vaguely ranges from the tropical savanna type to the tropical monsoon type..vegetation also includes rhododendrons,conifers,oaks