India's Heroes is an anonymous story about the reaction of different people in a difficult situation.The inner story is the story of the terrorist attack on several locations on Mumbai.This story sungs about the unsung heroes who contributed themselves to save others.And the frame(outer) story include the teacher and the students.It tells us what happened in the class.It tells us that Mrs.Baruah, the teacher, gave them an assignment to write about the idols whom they want to be.Every student talked about flimstars, sportsmen, politicians.But when Kabeer's turn came, he said none of these things.He spoke about the unsung heroes who contributed themselves in the terrorist attacks, 26 november, 2008.At the end of the class everone present in the class gave him standing ovation.And mrs.baruah was proud of her students.
In the world of today, when the grown-ups have become insensitive to the suffering and grief of others, the author show how the younger generation expresses its solidarity with thw victims, and shows its respect for these brave   heroes of our country, whose names will forever be laid down in our memories.

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