every one is familiar with the word environment which means the surroundings . it includes every living as well as non-living thing it has a vast of branches and comprises a little science concepts .today due to our comfort we are harming the environment at a great rate and this is  a alarm for us to be concious about the way we are using the environment .to avoid athe problem we should avoid deforestation  ,use of fossil fuels , and the major problem plastic
we should plant more and more trees and form car pools it will help us and the environment too.

                   Our environment is equals to our mother. It is our duty to protect the environment.but today our mother i.e., Our environment is in dangerous situation. These environment is in such a situation because of us. deforestation, mining, using vehicles for travelling short distances etc., are responsible for pollution. this damages the ozone layer. By this sun rays falls directly on earth. 
                                   To avoid this problem we have to begin the afforestation. When improving or remodeling your home, try to salvage materials or buy recycled products. Flooring,insulation, plastic lumber, woodwork, shingles,and many garden/lawn products can be made from recycled materials. To reduce waste with reusable shopping bags.  We have to use the vehicles to travel far distances only etc. 
                       When we are go by walk without using vehicles for shorter distances, our health will be in good condition. So, it is a good thing to save environment which saves us. So, we are all to promise that we have to protect our environment as our responsibility. 
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