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Duncan was the king of scotland mabeth and banque were a lord and army leader .while coming back over some wild wasteland they see three witches the first and second with say that he shall be lord of glaims and cawdor and the third which says that he shall be king the third withch says to banque that he shall not be king but his children will be.
whatever the withches told to macbeth it happens.lady macbeth decideds to kill the king she tells macbeth about it. king duncan had come to macbeth's castle with his son for dinner and stayed that night . lady macbeth makes the servents unconsious .lady macbeth tried to kill but could not so macbeth killed the king himself and put blood on the servants so  that everybody would think that servents had killed the king.( the blood on the servants are put by lady macbeth)  when macduff ans lennox( the scottish lords)  came macbeth told them that king was not awake yet. as macduff entered the but he shouted and said that the king was murdered by servants.  Macbeth and lady macbeth become king and queen. banque now did not trust macbeth. macbethh thought that banque sons should not become kings so he sent two  murderes to kill them but fleance escapes. after at dinnner m,acbeth saw ghost of king duncanthey both decided to meet the witches .when they went their he had got his answers firstt ghost sai d that he should watch macduff second was child with bloodit said macbeth be brave the third was a child with a crown it said be brave you will never be beaten by your enemies until birnam wood comes to dunsinane hill.
the king macbeth had gone away to fight macdff and malcolm . lady Macbeth was ill she told the crime. macbeth then heard the news that the queen had died. birnam wood had came to dunsinane hill as the witches told the king died

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