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A man has to take a hen, a fox, and some corn across a river. He can only take one thing across at a time. Unless the man is present the fox will eat the hen and the hen eat the corn. How is it done?   2] 6 boys pick a captain by forming a circle then eliminating every n'th boy. The 2nd boy in the counting order can choose n. If he wants to be captain what's the smallest n he should pick? 3] Alan, Bill and Chris dug up 9 nuggets. Their weights were 154, 16, 19, 101, 10, 17, 13, 46 and 22 kgs. They took 3 each. Alan's weighed twice as much as Bill's. How heavy were Chris's nuggets?4] Holding its hands out, palms upward a child starts counting on all its fingers and thumbs, going to and fro. If it counts up to 1982 which finger does counting end on?5] I have some square tiles. Half of them are black and the other ones are white. I arrange them so that the black ones form a rectangle and the white ones make a border around them one tile thick. I have no tiles left over. How many tiles do I have?