Sher Singh had faternal love for his brother. But with his determinatio, he set off. Sher singh walked through the village, passing by the fields, the hedges, the burned grassland and reached the edge of the jungle.
kalaghat was about fifty miles away. The jungle began with scrub, which was followed by rough grass dotted with thron trees and finally with the sal trees. sher singh  took the jungle path, crossing the two rivers and then taking a bullock cart or a truck for the last part of his journey.
On his way he encountered cobra which rose with a hiss, spreading its hood.Sher Singh stood frozen.When he slowly backed away, the snake slid off into the mattered grass.He was very tired, his muscles ached and caved for rest but he still walked on; into the dark forest, which was the home of the wild animals. Then at night he decided to take rest as he was dead tired. He got his burden against a tree. He groaned with pain. But still he did'nt cared for himself and with care laid down his brother.
Then he faced the herd of elephants. They were very near, but he was above them. He was frightened and prayed earestly.
Then they went away. He had to scamble down the icy cold river. He plodded steadily on. He reached the second river at midnight.
The bridge tored away.
The boy then plaited some grass into the rope and tied round his brother and himself. He then entered the water just above the bridge. He moved forward despite all obstacles, feeling in the darkness for things to hold.
The flood water deafended him, The timber banged and bruised him, but he went on and on.
Finally they crossed the river, and soon reached a better road.Then a truck dropped him at the hospital.
This was his courageous journey by this 12 year boy.

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